BotheWebguy – Internet Marketing Geek

September 23, 2009

BotheWebguy is “Bo Gilbert”, an Internet marketing consultant, computer geek, Carolina beach music fan, Uncle of 6, brother to Ben, Wolfpack grad, eldest son of the best parents in the world, fantasy football player, and many other things not mentioned here.

A lot of people say to be careful what you put on the Web. It depends on what you are marketing. I am pretty good at using the web to market events, products and services.  I hope getting to know what I have been involved in and what I can do will help convince you to seek my assistance.

I created this blog mainly to tie in some other blogs I have here at WordPress. The folks at WordPress are awesome. I have been using the self hosted version for clients and started playing with the Multi-User Version as well. For marketing and promotion, I have found the platform to be another great resource for getting exposure to what I have to say about me, my clients, and my friends.

You will find me in a lot of places. Just Google “Bo the Webguy”.


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